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Steven DeArruda

Senior Security Consultant
Business Protection Specialists, Inc.
Steven DeArruda

Mr. DeArruda is the Senior Security Consultant for a premier physical security consulting firm known as Business Protection Specialists, Inc.  He has over 20 years managing system design and construction management projects and has built a wealth of knowledge to ensure success of a project. He routinely works with multiple designers, engineers, installers and clients in order to ensure the projects are delivered on time and meet the intent of the design and uphold high standards of workmanship and product quality.

Mr. DeArruda is an experienced professional with over 28 years in the electronic security industry covering commercial, industrial and residential applications in varied vertical markets. As an experienced consultant, Mr. DeArruda works closely with clients and stakeholders to determine project requirements, cost estimating major security projects and works with architects and other trade discipline consultants for project coordination to ensure the security management system objectives are met.

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