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Campus Safety HQ Partner: ZeroNow

ZeroNow is the stakeholder alliance formed to drive ideas, innovation, and investment in safer campuses.

As pioneers and creators of education safety technology and programs, we have the responsibility to work towards finding new ways to prevent harmful events, more quickly mitigate the scope of harm and ultimately achieve the complete absence of harm to our most valuable asset.

Through alliance, we have the potential to align around one bold and simple goal.

Now we must come together as one… to achieve zero.



Today, campus safety is fragmented and lacks standards, interoperability, and a voice to advocate for increased investments to drive innovation. Worse, investment in safety in our schools is woefully underfunded despite the importance of safeguarding students.

ZeroNow exists to become the campus safety industry’s collective voice for positive impact; with the mission to advocate, champion, and drive toward advancements in campus safety. This new alliance will increase awareness, funding, innovation, and adoption of campus/school safety technologies and programs through our coordinated efforts.

Mission: Create a unified voice through collective impact to advocate for increased investment, awareness, and advancements in campus safety through our partners.

ZeroNow invites industry, education, and nonprofit partners, as well as individuals who are dedicated to a proactive approach to prevent harm on campus to join the movement. Visit www.ZeroNow.org to complete a membership application.


Founding Partners

Technology Alliance Partners:
Axis Communications
Johnson Controls
Telos Corporation
Industry and Nonprofit Partners:
Campus Safety Magazine & Conference
International Association of Campus Law Enforcement (IACLEA)
NASPA – Student Affairs Professionals
VTV Family Outreach Foundation
Additional Corp.

Visit www.ZeroNow.com for more information about becoming a member.


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