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Napco’s School Access-Control Vulnerability Index (SAVI™) Whitepaper

This white paper launches the creation of the School Access-Control Vulnerability Index™ (S.A.V.I.), Audit and Dealer Certification process.

Napco’s School Access-Control Vulnerability Index (SAVI™) Whitepaper

structures aimed at severely limiting the possibility of an active shooter gaining access to a school. The index brings together input from a variety of general and school security experts from across the U.S.

The S.A.V.I. index can be used to administer the S.A.V.I. Audit process, whereby the school facility is quantitatively scored on how susceptible the facility would be to a mass shooting attack. The audit measures the efficacy of how well the total group of security systems and structures work together in blocking access to the school, by an unwanted intruder.

A dedicated school security body or association would be responsible for evaluating how well the proposed S.A.V.I. security systems outline stands up to real-world experience and, subsequently evolve or modify the model, as needed. The school security association would also construct a Dealer Certification Process, whereby security integrators would be trained and certified on how to audit facilities and install required, cost-effective, specialized, approved school-specific security measures.

Finally, the process would also provide the insurance industry with a quantitative, measurable manner to be able to evaluate the risk of attack at a facility and show that schools have taken all reasonable measures to mitigate security risks, thereby making them eligible for insurance premium discounts…

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