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Kiernan Group Holdings

Training and Risk Management Services
Kiernan Group Holdings

Founded in 2009, Kiernan Group Holdings (KGH), a Woman-owned small business (WOSB), is a training, risk management services, and security consulting firm providing tailored solutions to complex challenges. Our team believes strongly in educating with grace on the sensitive issues surrounding Active Threats and complementing with security strategies and solutions. KGH’s team of cross-sector experts in threat assessment, emergency preparedness, and risk management specialize in providing evidence-based and state of practice Active Threat Preparedness services.

Our team of experts and senior instructors have extensive experience engaging with all age groups and audiences, considering the culture and operations of any organization. Our experience spans K-12 and university educational institutions, non-profits, corporations, hospitals, government agencies, and faith-based institutions. Specifically, KGH has experience working with organizations in both Preparedness Reviews and customized trainings, ensuring that all components are conducted in a manner that keeps staff and leadership engaged and comfortable without inducing fear or anxiety. We believe that the best defense to any Active Threat is a prepared and engaged citizenry, capable of making sound decisions without hesitation.”

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