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Alison Kiss

Former Executive Director
Clery Center
Alison Kiss

Alison Kiss was the former Executive Director of the Clery Center. After previously serving as Director of Programs until 2009. She was instrumental in the development, implementation, and instruction of curricula for institutions including University of Massachusetts at Amherst and University of Pennsylvania.

Before her role at Clery Center, Alison was Director of Wellness, Alcohol, and Drug Education at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. She earned a B.A. in Psychology and Spanish from The Catholic University of America, and an M.S. in Criminal Justice from Saint Joseph’s University where she completed a thesis on “Crisis Management in Secondary Schools.” She is currently enrolled in a residency Doctoral program in Higher Education Administration at Northeastern University.

Alison has served as an expert witness in campus sexual assault civil cases, and has contributed to major media outlets including CNN, NBC Today, CBS Early Show, Time Magazine, and FOX News. Outside of her work with Clery Center, she is involved with professional organizations that include Rapid Response Expert Network, Violence Against Women Online Resources, Expanded Partners Group, and the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators. She has also presented at the Campus Safety Conferences. She also served as a member of the National Attorneys General Task Force on School and Campus Safety.

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