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Active Shooter

Active Shooter Response: How to Run, Hide, and Fight

John Weinstein the Lieutenant/Commander, Strategic Planning and Outreach at the Northern Virginia Community College addresses two key problems with “run/hide/fight” response strategy.

Active Shooter Response: How to Run, Hide, and Fight

An active shooter situation can develop anytime, anyplace. You need to pay attention, all the time! Situational Awareness is key

• Expect the unexpected. Look at people’s behavior critically
• If you see something, say something
• Police cannot prevent an AS, and will arrive while the incident is on-going
• You can play a role in reducing the risk of an AS on campus
• Time is critical. You must act decisively
• Have a plan for each location you frequent
• If you shelter in place, do not cluster. Look for available cover
• Negotiation is unlikely to save you
• Be prepared to fight for your life

The “run/hide/fight” response strategy to an active shooter incident is popular in institutions of higher education.

However, those teaching and working in schools that practice lockdowns still need to know about run/hide/fight since they could encounter an active shooter in a public place.

This presentation addresses two key problems with this strategy: it does little to explain how to run, hide and fight and what factors to consider when developing your own personal response plan…

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